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Are you posting and posting and nobody is engaging, commenting nor joining your team?

Have you joined a Company and you do not know how to Create Content that will attract Downlines?

Are you always Overwhelmed on where to start to create catchy and captivating Content

Are you getting tired because nobody is signing up under you and you are NOT Making the Money you have always dreamed of making from Net-work Marketing…In fact, it feels like you may not succeed at all and it is only your up-line that keeps growing and growing?

Are you always getting Sales Objections from prospects saying, “I cannot afford it” “It is too expensive” “Let me think about it” or “Let me ask my husband , wife or village people” just to dismiss you?

Are you a busy entrepreneur with your 9-5 job or you have your own business and you just want to save more time while putting out better content out there, being visible online and growing an active team mates of people that supports growth and one another?

Are you doing wonderfully well already and you just want to hit your target faster and quicker and more efficiently?

Would you love to Increase your Earnings  and become a successful leader in your Company?

Are you getting frustrated because your team is NOT active and you have tried all you can and they are NOT Responding at all?





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I have really topped up my game, I have grown so much and still growing I want to be very perfect, In fact I need to take your course again.


I want to say a very BIG thank you to you my beautiful Coach Winner, When I started my net-work market-ing journey it was very difficult, I hardly refer anyone to my team and my team was inactive, I was frustrated until I met WINNER.


She is the sweetest, she took me on a Mindset Ride, she taught me the hack to win from Mindset Down to Content and Marketing, I went from earning 2,000 once in a month to a 6 Figure Earner monthly in my net-work market-ing business,


I can’t even believe my earnings but I’m grateful I met WINNER she brought me close and lectured me.


Thank you BOSS for touching my life and teaching me all you know without hiding anything it was nice working with you and I can’t wait to work with you again.

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   Ahamba Chiamaka


Asset 6

❌No more Hours wondering what to post

Asset 5

❌ No more Generic Content Templates that does not speak to your specific Net--work Market--ing Business

Asset 5

❌ No more tears, wondering when you will get to another level in your Company or Side Gig Business because you are not visible

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❌ No More Staying in One Stage for Months Because People are Not joining Your Team!

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🔥Every Piece of Content from How to Get People to Know You, Bring in More Leads, Recruit New People and Convert them Into Paying Down–lines has already been Written and Created for you…


All you have to do is pick one Content or more as you choose for the Day….


Fill in your unique Personality or End Goal and Viola it is READY!!!




This is NOT JUST A BOOK ❌ 



This is a Full Blown Content System Designed For Every Net–work Market–er to Bring in More Sales and Stop Chasing New Leads and New Down–lines (AKA Customers)

Your Entire Content Written, Planned and Customised for Your Net-work Marketing Business FOR the Entire Year (Yes!!! 365 Days) to Help You stay Visible, and Increase your Earnings in your Partner-ing Company!

Your Entire Content Written For 52 Weeks (365 Days of Content)

Value: Professional Copywriter costs a minimum of N50,000  to write a One Paged Copy for Your Business 

A Fairly Good  Copy-writer Charges anywhere from N50,000 Minimum to write a one Paged Sales Page for you…

A  Virtual Assistant Charges a Minimum of N30,000 to create any type of content for your Social Media Page for a Month!

But, I have created everything for you to help You Get Seen, Get Heard and increase Your Earnings

No more Hours or Money Spent Creating Content or Paying Someone every month or year to create content for You.

Now, you have a Full-Blown Content  System that helps you grow your Business

All you have to do is Spend Few Minutes putting in your Personal Details about YOU or the company you are working with and post it anywhere you want!!!

25 Content Prompts to get your Creative Juices Producing High Quality Content for your Net-work Market--ing Business

Value: A Social Media Manager costs a Minimum of N30,000 to create Consistent Content for your Business for a Month…

After using the 365 Days of Content What Next?

Instead of starting afresh to create New Content,  I Created 25 Content Prompts that will get your creative juices producing high quality content for your Business and you can go as far as using the template to create multiple content types for your Business.

25 Pre-Written Sales Template that Shows you How to Burst through every 'NOs' and " Let me ask my Village People or My Spouse" Excuses into Quick and Easy "Yeses" and Downlines....

Value: A Professional Sales Closer who Closes Deals costs a minimum of $1,000 (Yup!!! One Thousand Dollars) to Close Sales on behalf of Individuals and Brands…

You get Access to Proven Sales Templates on what to Say and How to Say it in order to Close Sales.

No need to crack your head on what to say or on How to say it, Just use the Template,  Tweak it to suit what the Prospect said and close the Sale

The Template pictured above is what you do BEFORE The Sales Presentation Starts…

You still get Access to Over 25+ Proven Ways to Convert Prospects to Paying Down-Liners

Content to Cash: A Quick Tutorial that Shows You How you can easily Use this system to Create More Content for your Business and stay Consistent

Value: N5,000

I am taking you Behind the Scenes to see How I Generate High Quality Content and How you can Easily Use this Proven System to generate High Quality Content Every time!

You Might Be Asking, "Winner, Why is this Valuable Product, So So Affordable? HERE IS WHY...

I am on Heart Felt Mission to get this Content System into the hands of over 5000+ Net-work Market-ers because i have worked with a lot of Net-work Market-ers and I have seen the Behind the Scenes of their Failures, The Frustrations they encounter in creating Content that relates and resonates with their audience, The many "NOs" they encounter because People have many MYTHS and Negative Opinion about Net-work Market-ing and and so I created this SOLUTION to Help them Convert their Sales Faster and Increase their Earnings!


365 Days of Content Already Written, Fully Planned and Customised For Your Net–work Market–ing Business (Worth N100,000): Every Piece of Content from How to Get People to Know You, Bring in More Leads, Recruit New People and Convert them Into Paying Down-lines has already been Written and Created for you…

All you have to do is Fill in the Blank Space and Customise it to YOURSELF and The Net–work Market-ing Company you are Partnering with…!!!!

25 Pre-Written Sales Template that Shows you How to Burst through every ‘NOs’ and ” Let me ask my Village People or My spouse” answers into Quick and Easy “Yeses” and Down-lines…(Worth N50,000):I Understand How hard it feels, talking to tons and tons of people to work with you and hearing an excuse over and over again..

Now, you have a process to convert these excuses into sales and increase your earnings!

25 Content Prompts to get your Creative Juices Producing High Quality Content Prompts for your Net–work Market-ing Business (Worth N30,000): So, you never run out of content to post and be consistent. You never have to start from scratch to create your content again!

Content to Cash (Worth: N5,000): A Quick Video Tutorial Showing you HOW you can easily Use this System to Create More Content for Your Business, Stay Consistent and Increase Your Earnings!!!

TOTAL VALUE: N185,000 ($415)




I am Winner Ezekiel,

I am a Master at Creating Content and helping people make Sales Consistently👸

I have worked in the Foremost Nigeria Television Authority as a Reporter and the core of my work is creating stories and content that is being aired on the Television

🔥Yours Truly has created Content that has been Aired severally on Television…

I have worked with Network Marketers and Helped them Recruit New Downlines and Make More Money

🔥In fact, I have created over 600+ Videos on Social Media, Written over 1000+ Social Media Posts and generated Millions and Millions of Sales using Different Content Format Online…

I am on a Mission to Stop YOU; My dear Net–work Market–er from dragging your hair out of sheer Frustration and wondering what you will Post online Everyday!

I want to help you stop Dreading creating High Quality Content that helps you generate Consistent Leads and Down–lines with Ease

I want to help you get More Down–lines and Get More Active people into your Team today!

…and so I created a Content System for you…

All you have to do is Plug in your Details and your content is ready to be posted on any platform of your choice!


Do you see the man pictured above wearing a white shirt with glasses and a phone in his hand? Yes! The One teaching some cool stuff in the other picture?

He is a Net-work Marketer of over 10 Years…

He makes 7 Figures Consistently from Network Marketing and he is the Chief Supervisor of this work.

This means after the entire Content Creation, I submitted the work to him and he looked through it , Vetted it, and gave me the go ahead because it suited the Specific Needs of every Net-work Marketer struggling with being Visible on social media, struggling with increasing their Earnings and Making more Commission from Selling their Products!

He is a Legend and we are committed to helping you Get Seen, Be Heard and Get Paid in the Company of your choice using this Content System! 



The choice is Yours…

Some people that are not net–work market-ers has paid for their own copies and they gave me great testimonials.

Here is what i have to say…

This entire content system was written with Net–work Market–ers in mind.

But, You can easily take any one of the content and fill in your Company or Brand’s name and customise some of the content written there to your own Business.

The sales script can be used in any Industry

The Content to Cash Video Tutorial can be used in any Industry as well!

If creating content is difficult and time consuming for you, I trust you to make the right decision that will move your business forward!

An Average of 3-7 Minutes Daily! Seriously!!!

Just choose a content you want, Plug in your Details and it is all YOURS!

No need to start from scratch to create your content anymore!

Your Content Problems Ends Here!

Every Net-work Marketer, Entrepreneur and Business Owner who is ready to be Seen, Known, Heard and Increase their Sales and Earnings

This Content System Works for any Industry that deals with Human Connection, Referrals and Sales of Products.


We live in a world where your experiences and why you joined your company is totally different from someone else!

The way this content system book is structured, You will be able to fill out your personal details that is customised to you and you ALONE!!!

Even if you have a twin in another net-working company or even in the same company, the both of you has different life experiences and perspectives and so your story and way of thinking is totally different.

So, Instead of wondering if everyone will be posting the same content, why don’t you focus on using this content to recruit more downlines?

Because, the end goal is RECRUITING MORE DOWNLINES and Making Money right?

This content system also has a tutorial that shows you How to generate more and more content, so you never run out of content, so you can always use that process to create more fresh content for yourself!

Lastly, remember there are over 365+ content. This means you could be using number 209 and another person is using number 7.

No matter what you choose, i wrote this content system so that it is so easy for you to fill out your personal details, post it in as little as 5 minutes, go ahead with your day while nurturing and recruiting downlines with your content!!! 

This means you do not have to be on social media wondering what next to say or how to say it, just use your 365 Days of Content!

Remember, the end goal is to recruit downlines and grow an active team and you will find the specific content in the 365 days of content that you can use to recruit downlines, grow an active team and sell more of your company’s products!


 This is a BOOK!

But, it is NOT a book that you sit down to read…. NO!!!

This Book is more like a Template, Where you choose a content you Like in as little as 3 Minutes, Fill out or edit anything you want and post it!!!

In as little as 7 Minutes, You will be done and you move on with your day!!!

How does that sound?

Remember, Consistency is the KEY!!!

It is better to post for 5 Minutes everyday than to post for 10 hours in one day and run away for two months!

Be consistent and you will get results!

Kindly, send an email to

I and my team will be waiting to answer your question with Topnotch Authenticity, Professionally and Utmost Speed.

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Your time should be spent on more Money-Making Activities Like Putting yourself out there in front of more people, Generating Leads, Nurturing Plus Converting those Leads to Paying Clients and Down-Lines in order to Increase your Earnings.

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