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How I Generated  #300,000 in Sales using an AD Budget of #3,000 ONLY


Three (3) Core Mistakes I see a lot of Entrepreneurs make while placing Adverts that costs them a lot of sales


Watch me LIVE as I Create a full fledged AD from scratch for one Entrepreneur that will show up LIVE!!!

Who am I & why you should listen to me?

Hey, I'm Winner. Your QUEEN "B"when it comes to Marketing and Selling out your Products and Services using Different Strategies of which Facebook Ads is one of the Core Non-negotiable Strategy when it comes to reaching Different types of audience and making consistent sales in your Business. 

I am on a mission to Help Entrepreneurs make their First 500k- 1 Million in Sales Selling their Products and Services with Ads. I have worked with over 8000+ entrepreneurs and I have helped Different Brands in Different Industries generate Millions in Sales.

The In-depth training you will receive on the 21st of November 2020 is based on my real-time-real-life experience while running multiple ads that generates sales and you will walk away from this training with a well equipped knowledge to help you create marketing or ad campaign that will help your business thrive and stay profitable!!!

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