Let’s Talk Mindset And Marketing, Shall We?

Let’s talk Mindset and Marketing, shall we?

The 3 Exact Marketing Strategies I Used to UP My Sales and Get more Clients in my Coaching  Business. 

Are you doing all these tasks and it seems nothing is working?
It looks as if the clients are just scoffing through your content and screaming “next!” 

Does it look as if, you are currently moving around in the same position over and over again?

Here’s what I gotta tell you, my income dipped in April.

I knew why it dipped, I had already started resisting clients in my mind because I wanted to travel for 21 days of compulsory service to the country and I didn’t want to coach any clients during that period.

Then, when i was fully settled, I couldn’t just get my income up and I was totally scared.

Now, as someone who has been in this business for a while, I decided to go back and check out what worked for me before, I followed that exact step and before, I could say Jack Robinson, the clients started coming in really fast.

Here is few marketing strategies that I used to UP my income game.
1. My Mindset: Remember I said, I was already resisting clients because i didn’t want any more of them till I was settled in my new state. 

I had to go back, rewrite that belief and announce to my mind that i am open for business.

I did this by consciously, having a quiet time where in spoke forth my beliefs in full faith that it is already done. 

2. Never Break the Code of MOMENTUM and how I got back into the Flow: I was getting the clients and instead of finding a way to create the time in my schedule where i could still coach the clients.

I decided i didn’t want to be a bad coach and miss sessions with clients and I broke the key code of momentum which is to constantly and consistently SHOW UP, no matter WHAT! 

3. I made more offers and I was intentional about truly helping my clients: The reason why some offers, you make in your business is not being taken up by your clients is because they are not seeing it.

Some of them are not even convinced about what they stand to gain, so I used testimonials and posted at the right time when I knew most business souls were visible and on the right platform.

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