Take Your Relationship with Money to the Next Level!

This Workshop is backed up with 3 Guarantees:


GUARANTEE #1. You Will Learn the Proven Money Mindset Tools that will Help you say "GOOD BYE FOREVER" to Scarcity and Lack and Launch into your Abundance Money Mindset that helps you make more and more money

In this workshop, you will actually feel an entire Shift in your perception and Mindset that will help you attract more money and more freedom 


GUARANTEE#2. The Last Money Mindset Course You will Ever Buy!

Because it is NOT a course, it is a complete Money Mindset SHIFT Experience. In this Beautiful Experience, You will not hear any theory nor untested Ideas, You will be in the energy of an Energy healer who will help you to heal your energy around Money and Help You Make More Money with ease.


GUARANTEE #3. A Proven Series of Energy Exercises that has the Power to Change your Relationship with Money Forever!

Have you ever gone through Energy Exercises that will complete erase all the Lack and Scarcity  Energy you un-consciously carry in you? Well, This workshop is not based on theory, but on Practical Energy Exercises to Heal Your Relationship with Money for good!

We will do this LIVE and if you Miss this, You will get Access to the Recording for LIVE!!!


 What You will Learn:

Inge will take us on....

1. Examining Your Current Relationship with Money 

2. Healing Your Current Relationship with Money (Using an Haiwaian Technique, You can Use on Everything...)

3.  Rewriting Your Relationship with Money using 4 Investment Buckets that go a Long way to rewire your Energy

Winner  will take us on....

1.  My Money Mindset Practices I do on a Consistent Basis to Make More Money

2. How Money Works, So you can Make More of It

3. How you can Change your Core Identity to Be the Wealthy Version of YOU! 




Inge Broer is an Energy healer & Spiritual teacher who's aim is to bring others to Mastery of their Mind, Emotions and Energy so that they can manifest the Money, Love & Health they want.

She has spent the last 14 years seriously studying both the science of People and Happiness (she holds a Masters in Neuropsychology) and the Sacred Art of Healing and she has worked with more than 1000 Clients one-on-one

Over this same time, she has applied the Art and Science of Manifestation to her own Life, leading to Incredible Manifestations such as: Finding the love of her life, Moving into her Dream Home , Spending 2 months a Year away from the Cold Canadian winters, Financial Abundance and a Business she Absolutely Adores Running.


Winner Ezekiel is a Certified and International Speaker, A Sales and Marketing Consultant, an Author and the Founder of Millennial CEOS

She has trained over 8000+ Entrepreneurs, Spoken in 3 Geo-Political Zones in Nigeria out of 6 Geo-Political Zone and Helped. Several Brands Generate Millions in Revenue while working with her.

Winner Ezekiel is on a Mission to Get More Money into the hands of More Entrepreneurs and Business Owners because Good People do Good things with Money.

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