Do you want to be seen as an expert online? Then, you must learn how to create client attracting content that sells and you must learn how to in corporate this in your daily content distribution online.

One of the sure ways of standing out online and being unique and a badass business person is through your content. .

Content is not just King, it has a Kingdom in the online world and the only way you can manage to become a Leader in this Kingdom is by actually producing and creating sexy content that sells

Remember, your content must be sexy, by sexy i mean it must attract and compel people to feel something, to react to something or to educate them about something.

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Furthermore, If your ideal peeps do not feel anything when they read or listen to your stuff, they tune off very fast and confused people don’t buy stuff!

You have only 3 seconds to convince someone that your content is for them before the tune off.

So, how can you create sexy content?


Use the 3 Ps of content creation.

This simply means…

P….. Person

P….. Problem

P….. Pleasure.
For person, your contents must ensure that you are speaking to a person, this person is your ideal client. .

For Problem, your content must hit the pain point of this ideal client on the head which gets the client to stop in his pr her tracks and say, this person must be talking to me!

Infact, use hammer and use sticks to hit on this problem so that your ideal client knows what he is missing out by not seeking for a solution. .

Pleasure… This is show off time! You have identified this problem, then you show off yourself as the person that has the solution to this “big” nagging problem.

What happens? You instantly become the Expert to this person and then the backyard business begins
Therefore, Remember to always use the 3 P formula for content creation which attracts clients that actually pays.

Which other ways, do you create content that gets people to take action? Let’s interact below.

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