Questions are very vital, in order to determine where you will go and if you are on the right track especially in business.

Asking the right questions on the other hand is a little shift that can make such a huge difference in your life or career.

These Questions ,Where are you right now in your business? This question helps you to start with the end in mind. Knowing where you stand in your business, will help determine how far your business will go.

It is very important that you calm down over a glass of wine or water and reflect deeply with a pen and paper about the progress you currently have going on for you.


  • Where are you going with your business? This question is super important because if you don’t understand where you are right now, everywhere becomes a destination.

It is so easy to misplace priorities or reach a plateau and think it is okay to stay, that is why you must be clear on the reason for your direction in business.

  • What is your action plan to reach there? What are the specific plans and actions that you are definitely taking in your business to guarantee results and growth.

Amazing ideas are just that, “Ideas!” but when you actually get to break down these ideas into small to-do tasks, you will get to work faster than you thought possible and produce amazing results!

How can I add even more value than my competition: Value is the new currency, so you have to understand the angle your competitors are coming from, so that you can project your business in another powerful angle

Second How can I create even more products to reach all classes of people: We do not want to be leaving money on the table, so we need to classify each product using a different price range or you can prize one product in three different tiers and sell to different classes to people. It all depends on you.

  • What is your goal for business growth? Do you have a clear written goal that you are working on to increase your business growth?

Do you plan on expanding your business products or services to other people around the globe?
Do you plan on collaborating with another complimentary business to increase your business revenue and growth?

Every business should always have a goal they aspire to at the end of the day, week, month and year.

.Are you bringing out atleast two or more hours per day to work on your business? You have to clearly look at your business and determine what to do each and every week to move your business forward.

Everything boils down to having a process and strategy so as to stay long term in business. It is very paramount to always ask the right questions and seek for new ways to improve your business.

Do you have any other question that every entrepreneur should know in order to grow their business?

Do share in the comment section.


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