5 Things Your Customers Wished you Knew About them before they Buy from you and Become Lifetime Customers

5 Things your Customers Wished you Knew About Them Before they Buy From You and Become Lifetime Customers.

There are few things your customers, expect from you before they ever bought from you or before they finally make that buying decision.

If you can give it to them, they will keep coming back for more and more each and every day.

Your customers want you to

1. Relate to them: How will you sell to me if you cannot even understand what I truly need? You need to know the relationship between your customers and yourself.

Do not be so up-tight that you cannot even do a fast background check on your buyer to understand their values and the needs they are not talking about.

2. Give them the X-Factor: Have you seen the X-Factor show? Almost every performance is geared at Wow-ing the organisers, so that they can tell you to come back.

So, you need to put in the work, to everyday wow your customers.

Example: There was a time I responded very late to a customer and because of that, I gave him another product that had a price for Free to him which made him come back again.

You need to find a way to get people come back for more to you.

3. Your Customers want your products to solve a Specific Problem for them: Please do not be like Gogo Bitters that always promise to solve every problem for their customers with one drug.

One Problem, One Solution.

This solution is geared at getting results for your clients at all times.

That’s why you should always ask questions, so that you know if you can give the customer what they truly want.

4. Be Emphatic: The cordial relationship should be there.

Do not treat your customers like products, it’s still social media and not Spam media. So before you try to Sell, GET SOCIAL!

5. Do not Treat your Customers like a piece of the pie, they are the ONLY PIE: No matter how many customers you’re grossing everyday, you need to treat them like they ONLY people in the planet.

This is because, you do not know what each person is passing through and businesses thrive on relationships and the “WHY”

Always make sure you are giving value and treating the customer right!


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