Have you heard about the BBnaija TV series going on right now? This Television series is not only the talk of the town but it is getting enough unsolicited attention from the masses and it is making enough money in the manner of millions for the organisers, that is pretty great deal if you ask me.

Your business cannot make any money if you are stuck in the dark and cowering back out of shyness and you do not want to show yourself.

In business, you MUST show yourself and show forth the stuff which you are made of, if not you are going to be leaving enough money on the table.

There are many ways you can broadcast what you do and still be seen as a Trusted authority, they include:

1. Spell out what you do in capital letters, so that others can understand it clearly: The only way for people to understand what you do is for you to actually say it. Say it everywhere and every time and do not just say it anyhow, make a statement by introducing yourself with a smile and with a captivating statement, instead of saying, i am a business coach, you say “I help people make an impact and monetize their influence in 90 days or less” Once you say that, someone is like “wow! tell me more” Do not just talk about the features of what you do, but make sure you niche down to the benefits of what you do and say it out loud. By simply deciding to talk more of what you do to the right set of people, the more you can be able to grow your business faster by a 40% margin.

2. Do more of Education-Based marketing: People do business with people they Know, Like and Trust and believe me, your business is no difference. Instead of always talking about your products or services, focus on giving people so much value for FREE. Yes! you heard me. DO IT FOR FREE!!! Focus on teaching people about your business and getting into a discussion with your ideal clients. When your ideal clients has tasted more of your free contents and it is amazing, then they are more likely to buy more products and do more business with you.

3. Focus on Guerrilla Marketing: This simply means you think outside the box and produce viral contents that will grab attention to your business. New York Times did a piece for “SHE IS THE FIRST” a series for women who achieved a great feat First, before others and the woman that got the slot to take the pictures of powerful women like Oprah Winfrey, Selena Gomez and co took the pictures with an Iphone camera and lightning. Her name was literally everywhere for doing things differently. This simple strategy of thinking outside the box and marking your territory in business distinguishes you from someone who has been in the business for many years and doing the same thing over and over again.

4. Genuinely care about your customers: Your business can garner more attention and grow even faster, when you actually care about your customers. Your customers willingly sing your praises to the hearing of anybody who cares to listen when you treat them so good and make them feel awesome every single time they do business with you. Do not neglect to care for your customers because they are vital ingredients for starting and growing a business at a rapid rate.

5. Do massive giveaways: When other people talk about your business to other people in order to grab a free gift or a free award, it makes business fun.                                                                 People get interested in you and what you have to offer without the gift. As with the BBnaija show, where people vote for the contestants and invite their friends to vote too because of the cash award the contestant stands to gain and also give to them, so also should your business focus on giving away Free stuff and encouraging the bidders to invite their friends in order to stand a chance to win. Look for gifts that are irresistible and relates to your business in order to gather attention to your business.    

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