Your Brand is simply what other people say about you when you are not there. This is your promise to your customer and it also involves the customer’s experience with you which includes your colors, fonts, brand statements.

Your customer cannot do business with you if your message to them is not clear enough, in fact they do not care about you and what you do until you promote your business and deliver amazing results to other people you do business with.

So, here are 3 simple steps to prep your business and make it look attractive to the eyes of your prospects and arouse their curiosity enough to do business with you.

  1. Always say what you do every single time and enthusiastically: The only way to enthusiastically say what you do is just by being really confident about what you do, believing in yourself/your products and then communicating what you do with attractive and sexy titles that really appeals to your audience and get them to be curious and want to know more about you.


This can happen when you understand the language your audience uses to describe their pain points. When your prospect knows exactly that you can deliver on your promise to them, they will literally help you build your brand through referrals.


  1. Study your Target Audience:  You must know everything about your target audience. This ranges from their names to their age down to their income even educational qualifications e.t.c

You must clearly understand what induces your audience to listen and buy from your competitors and you must clearly note down the trends that sways your ideal clients and tune your marketing message to this trends in order to tune up the branding on your business for 2018 and beyond.


  1. Study the Market: The simple act of studying the market and asking the right questions is one sure way to prep your brand for 2018 and beyond. Questions like, What are your competitors doing? Who are the top people playing the market? What is their offer? What is their products?


Make out time to research on the top 10 competitors noting down their products and services and also what stands them out. Also note down the angle you can come in and position yourself as the expert. Note that your offer must be tempting and crazy enough to draw people in, in an over-saturated market so make sure you give away your best content for free.


Do you have further tips or strategies for branding? Please share with us below in the comment section


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