3 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Business Strategy Before Your Business Folds Up!

Dear business Owner, are these 3 signs happening in your business?

If they are, then you need to upgrade your business strategy before it folds up and leave you for broke!

First, you need to understand that new businesses and new entrepreneurs are rising up every day and their singular aim is to put you out of business before you say “Jack Robinson!”

They want to take away all your clients and be the leading brand.

But, they are not the enemy if you believe in your business and your offers.

Secondly, you should also understand that people are thinking everyday and finding innovative ways to get ahead faster and better, are you doing the same? Or are you still doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result?

Thirdly, are you building a brand that people can relate with in this 21st century because people are now much more concerned about who they are working with and you should not allow your products or services to lead your brand.

Put a face to your brand and have few values and ideologies about your business.

Now, am gonna share with you the 3 signs that you need to upgrade your business before you are put out of business.

1.Is your customers now complaining about your products or services? This is a serious warning sign!

This is a serious sign that they have started tasting the other products and services of other people and they need you to upgrade your own products.

Do not get angry when your customers complain, this means that they like your brand and they really want to keep spending money with you only if you can upgrade your services or products to fit their own needs.

If you feel you cannot change to their needs, then justify why they should keep buying from you instead of other brands.

Let’s say for example your customers are complaining that they get web designing far cheaper than what you are offering to them.

You need to justify your price by saying “You know, not only do I offer web designing services, I with my team also manage your website for 1 year, optimize it so that it ranks continually on Google and protect the site from being hacked.”

How is that?

This automatically positions your brand as a high brand that also gives premium offers and the customer will automatically choose you.

2.Are you losing customers instead of getting new ones? Are you looking at your business and wondering why your customers are leaving even after you have given your all to them?

Is your customers buying more from your
competitors instead of from you?

Then you need to make a huge list of all the customers that has bought from you, in the past…

I want you to call all of them and appreciate them for doing business with you in the past and then ask them the scary question, “why did they stop buying from you”

Call them, do not text them!
If not they may ignore the text.

Call them and ask them what the real problem is, understand clearly their grievances.

Get to work on your brand and re-do your business strategy.

Then, call them again to give them an irresistible offer that is better than what your competitors are offering.

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