Have you ever wondered why it is so easy for some people to just launch something new all the time?

Have you ever wondered why it is so simple for some people to start something and quickly succeed at it?

Have you ever seen this process time in and time out and you wondered how you can be able to start your own business?

I get you!

But, there is no other way to get around starting a business, other than actually starting the business.

The sad fact is that, it doesn’t get any better as the days roll by until you STEP OUT and owe your spotlight.

There are many coulda, woulda, shoulda that prevents people from starting a business and they include:

FEAR: Like Durr, it’s the headline of this post and so, it has to be spelt out in clear letters.

Fear takes the form of questions like, What if I fail? What will people say? How much money is required to run this business?

Then, gradually you over think a simple process and end up in overwhelm and confusion.

The truth is, you failed the moment you debated and debated and decided to stay in your comfort zone.

A lot of entrepreneurs get wary with overwhelm before they even start.

2) TOO MUCH INFORMATION: Have you ever prepared for an examination where you read all night long and you are all pumped up with so much information, then you enter the examination hall and start struggling to remember the answers? This is what happens when you gather too much information and you did not execute on anyone.

The more you listen to too many people, the more you grab the shiny stuff out there, the more you get overwhelmed and DO NOTHING…NADA!!!

3) MONEY: money has never stopped anyone from achieving success. Rather, lack of creativity and laziness has prevented one too many people from seeing opportunities right in front of them and taking action in order to invest in their various interests.

4) UNWILLING TO INVEST IN THEMSELVES: It is so much easier to ask people doing what you want to do successfully to teach you what they are doing correctly instead of wasting so much time, energy and money on things that do not give you any money.

It is very important to invest in coaches, mentors, courses and seminars to increase your speed and results.

I have listed the common fears that often happens when one wants to start a business, what is the solution to starting your business and growing it nonstop?




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Start by posting little glimpses of your personal story

Why you want to help people

Why you ventured into what you want to do, is it because of the money or is there a story around your business?

Being clear on these little details and helping people achieve results can actually help you get over your overwhelm and confusion and START your own business.

Do you have any other simple method of overcoming overwhelm and confusion while starting or growing your business? Do share with us in the comment section below.

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