Five Simple Tips To Make More Sales In Business


Jim Rohn said that in selling, there is the Major time and the minor time. Sales in business is crucial for business growth.

Therefore, anytime spent NOT in the front of the customers is Minor time and anytime spent in front of the customer is Major time.

So, as an entrepreneur looking to make more sales in business, you need to make slight changes that can guarantee sales.

Now, in order to boost sales up for the year, do the following:

1) Personalize your brand: it is so common to see people rush under popular posts and Viral videos to comment their products and services. But, it can be possible to post your products in so many comments, spam all Whatsapp groups on earth and still not make a single sale.

In order for any one to actually bring out money to buy from You, they are simply saying “I trust you enough to proffer solutions to my problems, so you deserve it”

It’s not a sale, unless money exchanged hands or something of equal value as agreed by the both parties.

Now, how do you personalize your brand?

Can i shock you?

You are doing it already but where you may be wrong is that, your personality is not connecting with your audience and that sucks or you allowing people to define your brand for you and this will totally affect your positioning.

So, quickly

a) Tell stories about yourself, your struggles, your own unique perspectives e.t.c we wanna know you more.

b) care about the people you call your potential clients, help them in which ever way you can to get to their own destination and they will help you get to your own destination.

2)  Advertising : This simply means putting your products in the faces of your customers, but not just your warm audience but also a cold audience.

Your main aim here is to gather enough leads for your business.

You simply gather leads by

a) you offer a free gift that helps them to move from point A to  point B

b) you continually feed them just like Mother breastfeeding a new born baby.

If you offer Retail or offline services, you can

c) offer the first services for FREE then charge half your price in the second service and commence full payment in the next service.

3)  What your customers needs: The needs of your customers is what you MUST put into consideration before producing new contents, items and all what not.

Ford was the first cheap car that helped the average American man to be a full-fledged car owner without breaking the bank. Ford only produced black cars.


The market needs changed, people needed more car colors instead of the random boring black cars but Ford refused to produce other colors and this gave rise to them losing a huge chunk of their market share to other competitors.

What does your market need? Do well to serve them their sugar and cup of coffee.

4)  Let your products solve a particular problem: You cannot be selling one medicine that solves cancer, headache, stomach ache and fever.

In the online world, let your products solve a particular problem, for a particular class of people.

5) Lastly, BE YOURSELF. Be authentic to your own true nature. If you joke a lot, let it show, if you play a lot , let it show.


Just let your true nature vibrate through your contents and delivery methods.


Do you have any other methods of selling your products? do share with us in the comment section.

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