It is so common to be saddled with overwhelm and confusion while starting or growing your business but the truth is, in order to actually launch successfully, you need to focus on Money-making tasks in order not to burn out in your business.

Now, to achieve extreme focus in your business, you have to let go of tasks that do not make you any money and they include:

  1. Browsing aimlessly on social media
  2. Watching Youtube videos that is not helpful to your business
  3. Checking your emails first thing in the morning
  4. Gisting and chatting with people that do not contribute to your life or business growth.

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Over to the Money-making tasks, they include:

  1. Writing a really helpful piece of content on social media and on your blog that will educate, entertain and really help your audience to be better. Always have the outcome in mind before writing a piece of content.
  2. Pitch a potential client: Do not always wait for your potential client to reach out to you first, reach out to them and tell them how you can actually help them to be more profitable. Convince your potential client using the benefits and not the features of your products.
  3. Networking: Go to where your potential clients are usually gathered and talk to them about yourself. Be yourself and make new friends in order to expand your relationship circle. Do not forget that people are really watching how you made them feel, so try your best to be natural and easy-going with your new friends.
  4. Write and send emails or newsletters to your subscribers: They are the ones that went the extra mile to be connected with you, so you need to dish out amazing contents that is peculiar and powerful to them alone.

Now, in order to get your business extremely focused on these various money-making tasks, you need to have 3 sectors of your business in clear view.

  • A comprehensive strategy for your business growth: This simply means the purpose of your business. Your core values, your vision and mission for starting your business. The direction you want your business to go depends entirely on the purpose of your business.
  • Advertisements and marketing channels: This simply means what are the various means of showing your products to new and existing clients? How do you plan to run your business so that more people can buy into what you are saying before they buy from you.

Endeavour to figure that out and you will grow your business faster.

  • The day-to-day activities that will move your business towards your ultimate goal and purpose: The break-down of your goals on a daily basis will determine to a large extent if your business will fail or not. Set S.M.A.R.T goals that move your business forward on a daily basis.

Simple Tools to help you track the most of your time include:

Pen and paper: The simple art of planning your daily activities with pen and paper, helps to put your creative juices to work.

You actually think and consider your most important tasks before you delve into the least important tasks.

Rescue Time Application: This is simply an app that gives you a comprehensive breakdown of your days and weeks including the activities you did online and this helps you to clearly understand where you are spending so much time and energy and if it worth-while or on non money making tasks.

After you have put all this processes in place, it is very important for you to know how to:

a) Brand yourself as an attractive product: Therefore you sell yourself. You as a product means you as a Brand. The earlier you realise this simple fact, the easier it becomes to market to your audience. Brand yourself to be a product that  people know, like and trust. Connect with people both outside and within your area of expertise in order to understand how you can relate with people from all works of life.

b) Automate some parts of your business with technology in order to free up your time to concentrate on more important money-making activities.

c) Develop more marketing channels for your business: After you have mastered one marketing channel, then you concentrate all your efforts in mastering another channel of distribution for your business.

d) Focus on Education-based marketing: This means focus on ways in which you can communicate with your audience and educate them on how to run a profitable business which they truly love to do. Your ability to educate your audience sincerely makes you to stay top of mind anytime they need your services.

Do you have any other money-making activity that helps your business to grow? Do you have any questions? please share or ask in the comment section below, I do love to hear your thoughts.

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