How long have you been consulting

How Long Have you Been Coaching/Consulting?

How Long have you been Coaching/Consulting?

This is a question I get all the time…

Whenever i get this question, Then the next question is, “I am just awed at your level of knowledge, how did you get all these knowledge”

Then, I realised that the person asking this question, is asking based on “Conditioning” (Sorry if you do this, all of us have been conditioned while growing up but some people’s own, needs to be questioned, shifted and corrected and that is why am writing this blog post)

We have all been conditioned/taught the wrong programming by our parents, Our Environment, Peers e.t.c

You have to work long years to get results

You have to work so hard to get X, Y, Z results…

You have to work so hard before you get this level of results.

It’s not easy to run a business

Yada Yada Yada

Then, we believe them…

And am here screaming????????????


“BULLSHIT!” ????????

“BULLSHIT!” ????????????


According to Science “It takes 21,000 long hours for anyone to become a MASTER at anything”

All you have to do is practice it again and again…

How can you explain that I got 2 clients within  2 weeks of starting my coaching business?

How can you explain it, when one of the Companies am consulting for tells me that, after Consulting for his company, he gained immense clarity and knew that, they were surely gonna succeed and he sent me a testimonial too????

When, we were speaking, he said that every single Tuesday, the company’s consultants were been trained by some salemen for a long while but just few short weeks of consulting for his company and they IMPLEMENTED, they had already gotten a paying customer.

Easy right?

Once you get into MY energy of knowing that it gets easier and easier, this belief will stay true for you…

I mean it…

You get to drop your hustle mentality 

You get to ditch the struggle mentality

You don’t have to work 10 years to get mastery

You don’t have to work 5 years to be an experienced leader…

You just have to know the person doing what you want to do and then read all their posts, follow them, pay for their courses, Implement and you get results… period 

But, the reason why people are not getting the results they want is because…

They want results that are past their comfort zone, they want to make more money than they have ever made…


They are not willing to pay and invest in themselves above their comfort Zone or above the money in their account…

They are not willing to do the work past their comfort zone…

How can someone go through 4-5 years in the university spending up to Millions with no guarantee nor assurance of a job or ROI (Return on Investment) 

But, when it’s time to invest in themselves, they start second guessing…

 I borrowed money to invest in my business, at a point I went broke in order to invest in myself and guess what…

It’s not even about what I learnt from the class that gives me my money back, it’s the ability to stretch outside my comfort zone… Period!

I was with my amazing mum one evening, she was in my house…

I couldn’t sleep…

I was learning online

But, I had a Speaking Gig the next day…

My mum has slept and woke up, slept and woke up and still saw me awake, she became worried…

Nne, I thought you said you are speaking tomorrow, you should get some sleep…


No! Please????

Knowledge and results is gotten from consistent learning and Improvement.

You don’t have to stay 3 more years to get quality paying clients ❌

You don’t have to fast for 100 days to get paying clients ❌

All these are within easy reach…✔

It has been provided?

Are you doubting me?

Then, you need to watch your limiting beliefs..

Are you questioning this post?

Then, read Psalm 8:6

Are you a Muslim that doesn’t have a Bible or  atheist? 

It simply says from Good News Bible????

“You appointed them rulers over EVERYTHING you made; You placed them over all creation”

Still wondering why , if it was meant to be easy, then why are you getting the same old results?

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My answer: Get into the Energy of Ease
Get into the Energy of Flow
Get into the Energy of Allowing… Period!

Then Invest in yourself past your Comfort Zone!

If you have any question to ask me, you can send me an email or comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.

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