Are you constantly NOT hitting your sales target for the month? Year?

Are your scared that you Attracting more of people that just wants to ask questions and run away?

Are you tired of posting constantly on social media and NOT getting the results you want?

The truth is, I see a lot of entrepreneurs doing the same thing over and over again but asking the right questions can save you a whole lot.

So, what are these huge mistakes?

1. They do not do any Market Research before starting their business: Business is not something you just wake up one day and just open an Instagram page, website or shop for people to start buying from you…

You need to conduct a sound market research and seek for help from the right set of people.

2. They do NOT understand their target audience: I know it’s not easy to enter the minds of your target audience and speak their language…

You’ve got no choice, if you are here to impact lives and make money.

Make yourself relatable using your stories and their pain points

Know their language

How do I know their language? Go back to step 1

3. Have a good Marketing Plan: As an entrepreneur that wants to generate consistent sales…

What is your marketing plan?

What are you marketing and how are you marketing it?

Don’t know how to do this?

Do your research and know what your audience truly need and then create a marketing road map to help them.

Confused about how to conduct a thorough market research? .

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See you on the Inside!

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