My 4 Step Process for Crafting Offers that People Buy

Using this formula, my Client went from 0 to over 5 figures in such a fast rate…

So, no matter whatever it is you are selling online or offline

You will NEED:

1. A core message: what are you selling? Why should we buy it?

2. WIIFM: WHAT is in it for me?

Every day, whenever your clients see your message, your offers or anything you are saying, they are asking… What’s in it for me?

Is it more money?
More health?
More Exposure?
More Power and Luxury

3. Emotional Triggers: WHAT is your Pull?
What will you say and How will you say it in order to help us make that final purchasing decision…

Because, most times it is NOT what you said but How you said it👍

4. Call to Action: Do not end that subject without a Simple Call to Action.

Don’t think we know what you want us to do even after you have written out your entire Message or Copy…

You have to still tell us in clear terms, what you really want us to do…

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